Dr. Allison Roda (Molloy College) joins us to discuss Gifted and Talented programs and segregation. Gifted programs (sometimes called G/T, GATE, TAG, etc) have long been criticized for serving a disproportionately large percentage of white and/or privileged students. Dr. Roda’s research looks at how access to these programs is often ‘gamed’ by white/privileged families. In this episode, we discuss this research along with the the perceived importance of the label of “gifted” (and the stigmas of not acquiring the label). We talk about the challenges that gifted programs create for educational justice and what Dr. Roda suggests we could do about it.

Check Out:
Dr. Roda and Halley Potter on pushing in verses pulling out for GT services
Dr. Roda on Parenting in the Age of High-Stakes Testing
Dr. Roda calling for an end to separate gifted programs



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