Two Tour Pledge - 2021

If you’re considering how to disrupt patterns of segregation and promote antiracist school integration in your community, you may be wondering “Where do I begin?

There is so much to learn (and unlearn) about race and education, and that learning never stops. It may sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Every journey begins with a single step – and the first step is as easy as pledging to open your eyes and heart to the schools in your community – the ones that don’t concentrate Whiteness and privilege relative to the district, the ones your racially and/or economically privileged peers are not considering. 

We call this the “Two Tour Pledge” because a first step is to get past the idea that “no one sends their kids to those schools” by stepping inside at least two global-majority schools that aren’t on “the list” with an open mind and an open heart to truly see the beautiful kids who are part of that community.

Sign up below to make your pledge and connect with a community of parents committed to learning how to know better and do better. 

We’ll send you a set of materials that includes the Awkward Conversations Guide (an invaluable tool for redirecting the “good school/bad school” conversations we all encounter at the playground and elsewhere). You’ll also get links to some helpful podcast episodes and our first webinar – aptly titled, Where We Begin.

Most importantly, your pledge will connect you with others who are also on this journey – people who are just starting out, people with children already in integrating schools, people with questions like yours, and people willing to share their experiences and perspectives.  

As a parent who supports the premise that all children learning together is fundamental to the creation of a true multiracial democracy, with the knowledge that the choices I make for my child affect all children, and with the belief that, in making decisions for my child’s education, I am also building the world they will live in as an adult, 

I pledge to join the Integrated Schools movement and commit to…

  • stepping inside at least two global-majority schools that do not concentrate privilege relative to the district
  • learning more about inequities in the systems of education in my community both past and present
  • looking for opportunities to build authentic relationships with people who are already part of the school community
  • an ongoing process of self-reflection and learning to know better and do better