Integrated Schools mobilizes, educates and supports parents to desegregate their children and integrate their families, with a focus on the decisions we make about where to enroll our children and how we show up in those school communities. Becoming an integrating parent is not a finite process, but an ongoing practice that draws on: 

  • an understanding of race and racism and the systemic biases that have contributed to and perpetuate segregation of our schools; 
  • a willingness to examine and dismantle our own racist assumptions, beliefs, and cultural scripts; and 
  • the humility to listen and follow people of color – scholars and thought-leaders, but also parents of color in our schools and communities.

Recognizing that each of us comes to this work with different levels of knowledge and experience, we’ve organized these resources – books, articles, podcasts, websites – into three main categories: 

  1. “Getting Started” introduces resources for undertaking antiracism work, including race-conscious parenting. You can download our Getting Started Guide for more.  

  2. “New to School Integration?” includes resources that focus on school segregation and integration, as well as support for disrupting the “good” school/ “bad” school narratives that perpetuate segregation.

  3. “How We Show Up” is for families whose children are (or are about to be) attending integrating schools. These resources help us recognize the White supremacy cultural baggage that even well-intentioned White and/or privileged parents bring with us to our children’s schools, and give us tools for “decolonizing” our own minds when we show up at global-majority schools.

Awkward Conversations Guide
For those of us thinking about integration and racial justice, the “schools” conversation can be messy, nuanced, and complicated; fraught issues of parenting, community, race, and class are all in play. Developed by Integrated Schools, this guide is designed to help you engage in the schools conversation in ways that ultimately transform the toxic schools narrative, one playground encounter at a time.

We also include a Glossary of Terms!