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Recapping Last Night’s Webinar

We want to thank you for joining us last night for our webinar, How We Show Up Part 1.  We were so inspired by the comments and questions! For those of you that missed the live viewing, don't worry! You can catch the entire webinar and Q&A here.  We would LOVE to...

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#StopAsianHate #EndWhiteSupremacy

(image source) Standing in solidarity with the Asian American community, grieving the horrors of this hate crime and others like it. We have been silent about this issue over the last week. And by "issue," we mean the anti-Asian violence, the violent misogyny, and the...

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Untangling the Thread

There has been no shortage of analyses of the events in our nation’s capital this week. This article in Five Thirty Eight summed it up pretty accurately, that what we witnessed in Washington, D.C. is the violent outgrowth of a belief system that argues that White...

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Thought Leader Thursday : Saying Goodbye to 2020

We are wrapping up 2020 this week and taking a little break. It has been a year full of unbelievable sadness, great loss, and profound change. Here at Integrated Schools, we’ve spent the last year mourning the loss of our founder, Courtney Everts Mykytyn. It shook us...

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