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People of Color in Integrated Schools

Courtney Mykytyn founded Integrated Schools in 2015 based on the idea that to achieve meaningful school integration, White parents must take some responsibility because Black families and communities have shouldered the burden of integration (from school closures to...

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Integrated Schools 2021 Mid Year Updates

Summer is here and we want to share some of the work we have been doing internally and organizationally!   First, in the spring the Integrated Schools Parent Board embarked on a project to succinctly define our work. We worked tirelessly to answer three basic...

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Recapping Last Night’s Webinar

We want to thank you for joining us last night for our webinar, How We Show Up Part 1.  We were so inspired by the comments and questions! For those of you that missed the live viewing, don't worry! You can catch the entire webinar and Q&A here.  We would LOVE to...

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#StopAsianHate #EndWhiteSupremacy

(image source) Standing in solidarity with the Asian American community, grieving the horrors of this hate crime and others like it. We have been silent about this issue over the last week. And by "issue," we mean the anti-Asian violence, the violent misogyny, and the...

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