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Nice White Parents

Nice White Parents, the newest season of the hit podcast Serial (now a New York Times production) came out this week. There has already been lots of discussion about it, including about 4800 reviews that surfaced in the weeks before the 1st episode even aired....

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On the Milliken v. Bradley Anniversary

Last week marked the 46th anniversary of the decision in the Milliken v.Bradley Supreme Court Case. While most folks are familiar with Brown v. Board, Milliken is often overlooked despite playing a pivotal role in halting our country’s move towards desegregation.  If...

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Thought Leader Thursdays!

Back in February, we launched a weekly social media campaign called Thought Leader Thursday. We understand that not all of our coconspirators and followers are on social media, so we wanted to introduce this content to blog readers as well. We believe the work of...

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