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By Integrated Schools | November 26, 2018

You are probably flooded with #GivingTuesday requests — and for good reason!  Many worthwhile causes need our support.

If Integrated Schools has been of value for you, please consider donating to our all-volunteer, grassroots efforts.

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Help us pay our bills so that we may continue to provide book clubs, podcasts, blog posts and school integration news,   Support our work with the Two Tour Pledge, local chapters and Parent to Parent Program. (And check out our new video map of How White/Privileged Families *DO* School Integration!).

As we grow and expand our reach, we need your sponsorship!

If you can’t give financially, consider sharing our #GivingTuesday request on social media and ask your friends to support our work.

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$20, $50, $250 (sure! $5000 is great too!).  Every bit counts and every donation is deeply appreciated.


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