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The TWO TOUR Pledge

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As a Parent-with-Choice in support of the fundamental premise that all children have the right to a quality education, and with the belief that in choosing a school for my child I am also building the world they will live in as an adult,

•           I pledge to tour two schools that serve a majority of students from different racial/socioeconomic demographics than my family.  I will tour these two schools regardless of their test scores, reputation or any “bad/scary” stories I have heard about them.  I will tour these two schools with an open mind and heart.

•           I will find at least two positive things to say about each.

•           I will tell two parent-friends about those tours and the nice things I have to say.

•           I will encourage two parent-friends to also take this pledge.

•           Furthermore, I pledge to ask two questions (or more!) about socioeconomic, racial/ethnic and linguistic diversity at all the schools I tour/consider for my child.

Register your pledge in the comments below! Share what you found! Share out the pledge!

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13 thoughts on “The TWO TOUR Pledge

  1. I’ve been reading a lot about citizenship over the past few days, a lot of calls for unity and calls to action and calls for standing up. And this is a good thing. It’s been my experience that people talk about social justice and DO actually care about social justice and want a less divided society… right up until the topic of schools and kids come up. And then all the kumbaya gets trumped (oops!) by “well, but, it’s my KID” and “I can’t sacrifice my kid for my ideals” and so on and so forth. But honestly, that logic doesn’t hold for me… Because until we behave like ideals and kids and parenting and justice are on the same side of the equation and not an either/or, we’re reproducing the whole mess in the next generation. It’s messy and hard sometimes but I am damn glad my kids are in school with (mostly) other kids from families not like ours.


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