Yep. Devos. But no one is talking about what we are talking about…

by Courtney | February 8, 2017

I’ve seen about 12 “what to do now that Devos is Ed Secy” articles since yesterdays confirmation. And NOT A ONE has suggested “enroll your kid in an integrated/ing school”. Not one. Sure, you can run for school board, make a few calls, send money to local teachers’ gofundme pleas. All those are lovely, really great ideas. But seriously?! The thing that will make the biggest difference is investing our own skin in the game. The thing that will change the landscape not just for our local communities but for the shape of a more equitable future is sending our kids to school with kids who aren’t all just like them. (No, of course this won’t work for everyone — but neither would running for office.) But could we at least HAVE THE DAMN CONVERSATION?

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