Creating true community schools remains elusive

by Courtney | February 9, 2017

Gentrification and school integration… a LOT to unpack here. But this is heartbreaking: “they come in and you get treated as if you didn’t have any value before… That’s the sad reality with gentrification.”
And I hear it from parents every day… the idea that we have to “fix” the schools (and too often these statements are made before said parents have even stepped in the door. Bad school reputation/word-on-street? Ugly prisonesque facade? Or is this… something uglier?). Yes, many schools need stuff and many schools could benefit from parent involvement (of course there are real needs). But we need to dismantle this tendency to assume a school is crap simply bc other privileged kids don’t attend.
And we MUST LISTEN FIRST to what folks who have lived in that school community are saying. Those kafkaesque fences that look so icky might just be someone else’s sense of security (did you hear that? that was me getting smacked a bunch of years ago).
And then the I’ll-go-if-you story. I was guilty of that, too. And I am ashamed. We need to talk about all of this.

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