The Integrated Schools Awkward Conversations Guide is HERE!

By Anna | July 8, 2020

We are so excited to release the first edition of the Integrated Schools Awkward Conversations Guide!! This guide was originally created by our late founder, Courtney Everts Mykytyn, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to bring her work into the world, finally!  Lots of folks have worked extremely hard to complete this 1st edition resource, and we are so excited to share it with all of you!

You can head here to download your copy. Donations are appreciated, but the guide is free. We only ask that you sign up for our monthly email newsletter (we promise not to harass you!) We believe in the power of these transformative conversations to help us build the capacity to change the narratives around schooling and support more equitable practices for all families. 


We encourage you to read it and share your thoughts and feedback with us! This is a living document and we expect it to evolve along with us as the movement of Integrated Schools continues to evolve. Share your thoughts and comments below, or send them to [email protected].


As Courtney regularly quoted from the beautiful Maya Angelou, thanks for being a part of this work, as we try and know better, so we can do better. 



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