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By Integrated Schools | June 29, 2020

Within the last six months, we at Integrated Schools have seen a surge of interest in our work. Starting with the sudden and tragic death of our founder and executive director, Courtney Mykytyn, in Dec 2019, and more recently the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police and the subsequent cultural awakening that has followed, our work and movement have garnered a lot of interest, especially from White and/or privileged folks. On the one hand, it feels encouraging; on the other hand it’s a bit scary and nerve-wracking.  We feel the weight of this moment and continue to renew our commitment to practicing antiracist school integration. 

Are you new to Integrated Schools? Are you wondering, what IS antiracist school integration? What is this movement? On July 13th at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET, we will be hosting a free webinar, a chance to hear from some of the members of our team who have been showing up with their families in integrating schools. We will provide an introduction to the movement, and share personal stories of enrolling our kids in global-majority schools, and the joys and missteps we have experienced while showing up as parents and community members. There will be a 45-50 minute conversation, followed by 20 minute Q & A. We are excited for an opportunity to share our story and welcome new people. 

This webinar is for parents and caregivers thinking about schools and integration during this time of awakening. Black and Indigenous and POC in particular should know that Integrated Schools is a space where many White and/or privileged parents are wrestling to learn about how identities, institutions, systems, and culture are intertwined with racism and White supremacy, in order to dismantle support for racism and work for racial justice in our schools. As our late founder, Courtney, used to say, this is Whiteness work. Because White supremacy affects us all, this space is not reserved for White people. All are welcome. 

This is a big, exciting step for us at Integrated Schools. You can register for the webinar here. We hope you will make plans to join us!

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