Summer Task Force: Integrating with Equity (you want in?)

By Courtney | May 30, 2017

This summer, Integrated Schools is developing a set of Strategies for Integrating with Equity. With so many parents opting in to integrated/integrating schools, we must equip ourselves to do this work well, meaningfully, sustainably, and with equity as the guiding principle.


Want to help?


Whether you are a parent already sending your kids to integrated/ing schools, are a parent of kids starting this Fall, are a parent just beginning to consider integration, or are a student/teacher/administrator/researcher/organizer, we’d love to have your input.


If you’re new to this topic and believe that you won’t have much to contribute, think again; it’s always important to have the voices of folks just entering this discussion, to know where our beginning places need to be, etc.  If you’re well-versed in the research or have your own experiences to share, all the better.


We will be meeting weekly via webinar (meaning that you only need access to internet/computer and a sort-of-quiet space [pajamas welcome]). Nothing like sweltering in your apartment, lounging at a wi-fi’d lake, or dodging the sprinklers and getting some social justice work done!


The Summer Task Force is gathering now. As Task Force members, we will determine best meeting times (democracy!).  Email Courtney [email protected] to join the summer fun.



(If you would prefer to contribute in other ways, Integrated Schools can always use social media help, web design prowess, or blog content written/recorded. Email with your interest!)

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