Intensive Parenting – helicopter, lawnmower, snowplow, free-range – is often pursued by white and privileged parents as a way to protect kids from failure and to ensure that they end up on the “winning” side of the vast economic inequality in our country.  However, the ways that white and privileged parenting norms impact entire school communities often end up perpetuating existing disparities.

We’re joined by Dr. Jessica Calarco, Associate Professor of Sociology at Indiana University, who studies inequity in family life and education.  Her recent book, Negotiating Opportunity: How the  Middle Class Secures Advantages in School, highlights many of the challenges that come with socioeconomically diverse schools.

How we show up as integrating parents, how we navigate the line between asking-for-assistance and asking-for-(expecting?)-accommodations, and how we parent our own children has an impact on the other students and families in the school.


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