Paying more for a “good” school

by Courtney | July 8, 2016


According to a report from RentCafed, to live near top-performing elementary schools in L.A. you will be throwing down an average monthly mortgage (including property taxes) of $6,772 or will spend approximately $617 more on rent every month than if you lived in an area with lower-performing schools.


Hellllloooooooo, socioeconomic segregation! So nice to see you in stark numbers like this… yet again.


The report goes on to say that “with such scarcity of good schools in the city of L.A., it’s not surprising to see significant differences in rent rates from one area to another.”


Test scores do not make a school “good.” A school with good test scores may or may not actually teach your kid well or ensure that your kid gets into Harvard. A school with crappy test scores may or may not teach your kid well or ensure that your kid gets into Harvard. It’s so much more complicated than that. We really REALLY need a better way to talk about what makes a “good” school….


Measuring what makes a school – or teacher – “good” is notoriously difficult and some things are, obviously much easier to quantify. Test scores and AP offerings are handy little nuggets we can easily grasp. But these are only part of a school’s story and only part of the experience that kids will carry with them into adulthood. As long as we continue to settle for this narrow definition of “best,” the gulf between wealthy and poor schools will only widen



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