On Mothering White Sons… #BlackLivesMatter

by Courtney | July 8, 2016



Beautifully written article… These shootings, these tragedies, this… “White supremacy is not just robes and hoods, not just segregated lunch counters and water fountains. It lives on in our schools, neighborhoods, and courts, in our policing and incarceration. It’s not a question of whether or not we “can” do something. It’s a matter of “have to.”


And yet, I can’t help but be convinced that one of the most important things we can do is (you know what’s coming) go to damn school together. What might the country look like if we actually grew up knowing people. When we go to school with people who aren’t just like us, difference is much more than an academic problem (if you have privilege enough to be on a certain side of this story); it’s people who you’ve played tetherball with, laughed and argued with, and maybe even grown to love.

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