Nice White Parents

By Anna | July 31, 2020

Nice White Parents, the newest season of the hit podcast Serial (now a New York Times production) came out this week. There has already been lots of discussion about it, including about 4800 reviews that surfaced in the weeks before the 1st episode even aired.

Because, of course, this topic is our work, we have been tuning in with great interest. It is narrative journalism that gives you chills, and if you are White, makes you cringe all at the same time. It is hard to listen to for all the right reasons. 

Producer Channa Joffe-Walt also provided a reading list this week to go alongside the release, which definitely feels like a requirement for anyone interested enough to tune in to Nice White Parents. We certainly approve of this list, and encourage everyone to partake. Here is the reading list (including our IndieBound affiliate links which allows you to support local bookstores while also supporting Integrated Schools), as well as some additional content about each book, its author, or subject matter. 

  1. White Kids by Margaret Hagerman. Check out our interview with Dr. Hagerman on the podcast here.
  2. Despite the Best Intentions by John Diamond and Amanda Lewis. Check out our interview with Dr. Lewis here.
  3. Knocking at our Own Door by Clarence Taylor. Check out this post about Milton Galamison by IS friend Peter Piazza on his blog here.
  4. The Lost Education of Horace Tate by Vanessa Siddle Walker. Check out the video of the NCSD 2020 Keynote interview with Dr. Siddle Walker here, or the podcast version of the event here
  5. Mothers of Massive Resistance by Elizabeth McRae. Check out our interview with Dr. McRae here, and see #4 for the NSCD 2020 Keynote where she was also interviewed. 
  6. Why Busing Failed by Matt Delmont. Our interview with Matt on busing is here.
  7. Ghosts in the Schoolyard by Eve Ewing. We are excited to be hosting an Integrated Schools book club on Dr. Ewings book, which you can register for here
  8. ***EDITED*** to add!!! With embarrassment and horror, we left off one of the most important books on the list, by one of our favorite thinkers/writers/humans and Integrated Schools board member Noliwe Rooks, Cutting School: The Segregnomics of American Education. You can listen to our interview with her here

We are looking forward to hearing the rest of the episodes of Nice White Parents, and are planning  a discussion group on the episodes which we hope to announce soon, so stay tuned. And we are loving hearing all your thoughts (and appreciative of all your tags!) 

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