John Oliver on Segregation (a must-watch!)

by Courtney | October 31, 2016

A great way to start the week with John Oliver — though I do wish he had included socioeconomic segregation issues as well… Thanks to the many of you who forwarded this to us!

My favorite excerpts: “You don’t have to be intentionally racist to do things that have racist effects… While I get the impulse to seize every tiny advantage you can for your kid – I get that –segregated schools cause devastating harm to actual children. And not just to their education, but to their very sense of self worth.. 

While this always gets framed as an issue between parents and their children, it’s actually about adults and EVERYBODY. Because kids grow up. And those little doctors, soldiers, police officers, and superheroes asking for candy in a decade or so might be actual doctors, soldiers, police officers, and assistant directors of Human Resources. And there are massive and multiple benefits for all of us if they interacted a lot more from an early age.”

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