The Culture of the Smug White Liberal

by Courtney | September 2, 2016


Johnson-Huston writes “These … Liberals are quick to be against school choice, while their kids go to private or well-regarded public schools. Leaving poor black children behind in underperforming schools and providing less opportunity to improve their lives is inconsequential to keeping true to their white liberal politics. Many people are quick to espouse the political values of liberalism without having to live with the often harsh reality of those policies.”

J-H is not talking about education specifically in this article… but of course that is what I am drawn to.

And what I read in her piece is akin to what I wrote about here (…/the-anti-racism-stance-whi…/)… until we white and/or middle class families put our skin in the game, we can’t expect much change.

And schools are a largely untapped resource for it….…/the-culture-of-the-smug-w_b…

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