Police Shooting Reveals Education’s Problem with Race

by Courtney | July 25, 2016



From Mr. Alleyne  (but click on the link! worth a full read!)   “There are clear policy solutions to issues of police violence. But the education system is hardly doing its part to counteract such racism and promote racial progress. So we expect police to authentically confront their implicit racial biases after never grappling with such issues in K-12 education. We expect an end to “broken windows policing” in a society that never teaches about the racist and systemic roots of concentrated poverty. We expect our society to question the morality of the mass incarceration of black and Latino males when few are taught how slavery persisted in America until as late as 1950. We expect our society not to criminalize and pathologize blacks when the K-12 curriculum omits the legacy of black excellence and the countless contributions of people of African descent. We want some to reflect on how white privilege shapes interactions with police in a society that never learned about the economic disadvantages exacerbated by “affirmative action for whites.”…

“We need an urgency about racial justice that is scarce among those working in the education system. This level of urgency would prompt the types of actions that recognize diversifying the teacher and leader workforce is a “not a nicety but a necessity.” It would move beyond mere “cultural competency” training in teacher preparation and teacher professional development. Rather, we should focus on building racial proficiency and expertise in non-Eurocentric readings of various subjects.”

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