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By Integrated Schools | November 2, 2018

Need a break from midterm mania?  We are excited to announce that our podcast is live!  Parents talking with parents about school segregation & integration, the choices we parents make and the ways we think about them, the struggles and surprises, the joys and mistakes.

Click here to listen via iTunes or here to listen elsewhere .

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Episode 1: An intro to this series and conversation between 3 white moms and the choices they’ve made for integration.

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Episode 2: A conversation with a white family (mom, dad, 10th grade daughter) reflecting on their choice to attend integrating schools.

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Episode 3: An interview with Dr. Margaret Hagerman, discussing her fab new book – White Kids (There are a few spots left for our Book Club discussion of White Kids on Nov. 13th..  if you’re interested, register now!)  


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