S5E3 – Gifts We Didn’t Expect: Family, Faith, and Integration December 11, 2019

Albert, a Taiwanese American father of three, found himself in crisis. Honoring his parents and the ways they sacrificed to get him a “good” education, while also honoring the way his faith called him to justice seemed impossible. He shares his story.

S5E2 – Parenting to Win: Who Pays for the Helicopter? November 27, 2019

Helicopter Parenting, Snowplow Parenting, Lawnmower Parenting – these are all forms of intensive parenting. Dr. Jessica Calarco joins us to discuss the impact of this type of parenting in our school communities.

S5E1 – Gentrification and School Segregation November 13, 2019

Dr. Kfir Mordechay joins us to discuss gentrification and school segregation. In many places we are living together, but still not learning together. What are the impacts of that disconnect?

Support Integrated Schools on Patreon (BONUS) November 6, 2019

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Between We and They: A School Integration Story (Part 5) October 18, 2019

As Beth’s district contemplates school closures, she is finding that being part of the new school community gives her a different perspective on these issues.