Our next Ed Secretary might do more for school integration?!

by Courtney | February 8, 2016

Glad that we are really talking about this…
“Duncan [admits] that he couldn’t do enough to desegregate the country’s schools. In some regions, America’s schools are now more segregated than they were in the late 1960s.
“I would give myself a pretty low grade on that,” he said.
Duncan said the department poured millions of dollars into magnet schools, public schools with a specialized focus or curriculum designed to draw a diverse group of students. … but the program largely failed to make a noticeable difference integrating the country’s schools.
The country “can and should do more” to integrate schools, both by race and income, he said. Duncan said he’ll never advocate integration achieved by forced busing, but instead thinks schools should offer a wide variety of excellent choices to entice all types of families.”
But even MORE glad to hear that Duncan’s successor, John King, has a “huge interest and passion and expertise”!!!!

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