Oh, Florida…

by Courtney | April 19, 2016


This is horrible to read. Heartbreaking.

But whenever I see these stories (and they are all too common), I think about how these (needed, necessary, important) exposés affect the future of integration. When the stories we hear are so often about how awful poor schools are (and, without digging deep, how ‘violent’ the children can be), how do we ask families with choices to intentionally send their kids to integrated/integrating schools (the parents in those communities sure don’t)? We know that the integratED schools work, but on the way to integratED is integratING. And with every story like this, enrolling your kid at an integratING school sure does seem scarier and riskier….

But on the other hand, of course, this is real and shouldn’t be ignored or downplayed….

So as I post this with a bit of hesitation that I could be contributing to integration-resistance, I feel compelled to also again share this about how integratING schools can be great


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