Nikole Hannah-Johes bashes Philly Schools Reporting

by Courtney | September 13, 2016

yep. Say it. Say Race. Say it Say it SAY IT!!!!!!!!

And stay tuned… The You-Don’t-Deserve-A-Cookie post is coming.


“A Philadelphia Inquirer story about a young family sending their kids to public school is facing some backlash today while critics say the piece cited racial stereotypes and normalized gentrification.

Kristen Graham, a Pulitzer-prize winning education writer for the Inquirer, wrote the piece published today titled “Public school pays off for Philly family.” It detailed the decision-making process of Jill and Mark Scott, a couple who lives in the Graduate Hospital area with their two children. Graham wrote about how the family decided to send their oldest son, Henry, to Edwin M. Stanton Elementary, which is “becoming a possibility for families in the gentrifying neighborhood near the old Graduate Hospital.”

But Nikole Hannah-Jones, a New York Times Magazine writer specializing in writing about modern school segregation, slammed the piece in a tweetstorm today, writing that the story was “ALL about race without ever mentioning it” and saying the headline should have read: “white Philly family goes into well-functioning school.”…   Read more…

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