“Gentrification Stops at the Schoolhouse Door”

By Courtney | January 7, 2016

This is an older post, but one worth revisiting. From Nikole Hannah-Jones, one of the reporters in the This American Life 2-part series on segregated schools (definitely DEFINITELY worth listening to if you haven’t already. pretty gut wrenching [http://www.thisamericanlife.org/…/the-problem-we-all-live-w…]).

In this article, she talks about the impact of gentrification on lower-income schools. The bottom line?

“Gentrification, it turns out, usually stops at the schoolhouse door.

The researchers found that middle class residents who chose to move into low-income, segregated areas either did not have kids, sent their children to private schools, or utilized public schools “choice” policies that allowed students to attend wealthier, whiter schools outside of the neighborhood.”
While I agree that this may be the way it is *mostly,* I also know that there are many, many families out there who DO invest in their local schools — both through enrolling their kids and volunteering their time. No, we don’t deserve an extra special cookie, but yes, we are here.


oh, and here is another of the same, sad ilk


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