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Peter Piazza

SD News Roundup: Focus on school discipline, part 2

Originally posted at the School Diversity Notebook. You can read part 1 here.  Last week, I wrote about recent research on racial disparities in school discipline. In a continuation of that post, I wanted to write about how themes from the research aff…Read More

SD Research Roundup: Focus on school discipline, part 1

Originally posted at the School Diversity Notebook There have been major stories recently regarding school diversity (among other things!), including the Trump Administration’s reversal of Obama-era guidance on Affirmative Action. By design in the Trum…Read More

SD News Roundup: Three major stories

Originally posted at the School Diversity Notebook There’s been a few major stories related to school diversity recently, and this post is a quick (and small) collection of some of the best coverage/resources I’ve come across. Since readers are likely…Read More

SD Resources Roundup: Equity Maps, Toolkits, Events & More

Originally posted here at the School Desegregation Notebook. I normally include resources and events/opportunities as part of the news roundup posts, but I’ve come across so much great stuff lately that I thought it makes sense to highlight these in a…Read More

SD Research Review: Secession in Memphis-Shelby County & the meaning of “local control”

This post is about a great piece of recent research on school resegregation. I want to talk about the content of the article itself as well as the value, more generally, of research that relies on interviews and media analysis to understand the current…Read More