ACADEMICALLY Integrated Classrooms

by Courtney | February 10, 2017

YES!  I don’t envy the storm that these moms are going to be facing, but this is ON POINT.

“As with integrating students of different races and economic backgrounds, mixing students with different academic abilities can benefit all….

One meta-analysis of four decades of research showed that academic mixing had positive effects for struggling students — and no effect, positive or negative, for average and high-achieving students.

Other studies have found more advantages.

One study of a Long Island high school found that graduation rates among all students shot up when the district stopped using different academic “tracks” with separate curricula for high- and low-performing students. Instead, all students were taught under a program that was previously only taught to top students.”

Oh the tracking and gifted story. Talk about fraught!! But for real, check this out for link to the research that says that being in an academically mixed classroom won’t actually ruin your child’s life!

 The “gifted” designation (and the “intervention” designation for that matter) are notoriously applied differently to white and/or privileged kids and kids of color (esp african american) and poor kids. It’s another BIG SORT with class and race. But the fear I hear from parents who are worried that their kids won’t be served by being in a class with kids who don’t have the support to come to school “ready” is big. So glad to have this! Now we can *really* talk ALL about integration.


And I wish this book wasn’t $100 or we would read it for the book club…  but this:

Roda, Allison (2015) Inequality in Gifted and Talented Programs:Parental Choices about Status, School Opportunity, and Second-Generation Segregation…/how-two-manhattan-moms-are-tryi…/

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