12/5/16…updates and thoughts and new commitments

by Courtney | December 5, 2016

I’ve been posting a hell of a lot of news and other people’s work.  This is good, it’s important stuff. But, honestly, it can be a bit dry.  And we need to share more, you know, like people.  This can’t be just a curated newsy site.

The point of IntegratedSchools.org is to call up the voices of parents choosing integration, to talk with parents who are thinking about sending their kids to integrated/integrating schools, and to share ideas about how to do this well.  With all the holy-segregated-hell that is about to break loose with “school choice,” this is more important of a conversation than ever.

So, it’s ambitious of me (and I am bound to fail, apologies in advance), but I am committing out loud and in front of you and right here and right now, to writing at least once a week…  Or one of us will.

One of us?  WTH? Yes!  IntegratedSchools has been growing like mad over the past few weeks! We’ve added more badass parents and have grown a few more chapters and contact people in cities across the country. I’ll let them introduce themselves…   (Anna, Colleen – you’re up!)

This work has been born out of my frustration with what I have seen in my neighborhood, and from frustrations that others have written about. And while I mostly feel excited to do the work to organize, it’s so damn grueling. A few weeks ago, I was sitting on my roof, looking at downtown LA in the distance, reading some pretty hateful anti-integration comments, smarting about the grant I didn’t get, and doubting this whole damn project. I woke up the next day, excited to throw it all away and spend some time on pinterest (how friggin’ hard is it to sew slip covers for your crusty old sofa?) only to find emails from moms who DO actually give a shit and want to work  (KB, MN — are you public here yet?).  So the pinterest tab gets closed…

This site is an ugly mess. There are so many people to reach out to. I’m working on the book club curriculum and resources page. The logo and branding needs work. I have piles of topics I want to write about. My couch will wait.


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