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What We Do


Building Coalitions and Community

There are many of us parents out here who care about our increasingly segregated schools.  It’s time we get connected, share best practices, provide encouragement, AND, damnit, amplify our voices!  Are you:

  • a parent who is curious about integration?
  • a parent who has enrolled your kid in an integrated/integrating school?
  • rallying your friends and neighbors to integrate?
  • kind of wanting to rally but need support?
  • or organizing to change school/district/state policy?

Let’s connect.


Sharing resources… 

Articles, podcasts latest news, research, all of it.  At, you’ll find research links and curated annotated bibliographies, stories from the trenches, hopefully helpful FAQs, situational best-practices (okay, well, practices-that-have-worked-before. can’t guarantee always ‘best’).  Have something to contribute? Please share!  Personal stories, questions, your community news, struggles, share it!


Community Coalitions…  

We are building out and supporting groups in communities across the US – chapters may be a few neighbors/preschool communities exploring the idea of integration together,  a strong integration advocate hosting meetings, or groups who have been doing this locally for a decade.  IntegratedSchools can help with meeting strategies, flyers, sample agendas, etc (you have enough work to do, no sense in recreating the wheel if you can use/adapt!). If you are thinking about becoming a Chapter Lead in your neighborhood, drop us a line. We’ll chat.


Book’ Clubs

another great way to think through issues, connect, and actually read that book that has been sitting on your nightstand for five months.  We are developing curriculum (to launch soon) including an online Starting from the Beginning ‘Book’ Club and a We’re in it, Now How do We do it Well ‘Book’ Club.  Join us online or adapt/use the IntegratedSchools host your own ‘Book’ Club.


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