The Problem with “Great Schools”

Real estate segregation and school segregation have obviously been linked for a long time. This was no accident when it started – government policies, redlining, restrictive housing covenants, and more, created a lasting phenomenon. But now, we have an app, we have a rating and we have our GoHere! Drops and StayAway! Circles that do the job even more efficiently than ever, even if the overt racial animus that originally caused segregation has lessened.

Separate Is (Still) Not Equal

A sad note to begin…  Linda Brown, the symbolic center of Brown v. Board of Education 1954 Supreme Court decision died yesterday at the age of 76. Brown’s death came only a few days after the Newsweek coverage of Charlotte NC announcing what we already...


  David Berliner, former dean of the school of education at Arizona State University and a past president of the American Educational Research Association writes here about a topic that plagues integration efforts: the FAILING SCHOOLS Narrative.    ...