Glossary of Terms

Concentration of Whiteness/Concentration of Privilege – (see also diverse schools) While a school might be demographically diverse, oftentimes this can mask the fact that the school has clustered a greater percentage of white &/or privileged students on one campus than exists in the larger district/city/town. For example, if the district serves 20% white children and the school serves 40% white children, that school represents a concentration of whiteness.

Diverse Schools – (see also Concentration of Whiteness/Concentration of Privilege) Diverse schools may have an impressive demographic makeup of students from all racial, ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, and linguistic backgrounds.  However, we are thoughtful in contextualizing them within a broader understanding of the district/city/town.  These schools may be concentrating white children – even if not by a ‘majority’—or children from wealthier families.

Global-Majority – White people are, in fact, not the demographic majority of humans on the planet; white is not “majority” and people who do not identify as white are not “minority”.  Additionally, folks who do not identify as white should not be described by what they aren’t (“non-white”). In instances where we are referring to people who do not identify as white, we use the term “global-majority.”

Integrating Schools – We refer to schools that predominantly serve global-majority students, in which white &/or privileged students may be the ‘only’ or ‘one of a few’ white kids in the school as integratING.  While this might be a bit aspirational, this serves to distinguish already-integrated schools from schools that are in the process (however slow) of integrating.

Integrated Schools – Schools that serve a demographic of students that is largely reflective of the city/town in which it is located are referred to as integrated schools. However, what might look integrated ‘on paper’ demographically-speaking, may not actually be integrated at the classroom level.

Integrated Classrooms – Ultimately, our hope is not only that a school is integrated but that the students in the school are also integrated in the classroom. Are the magnet, gifted, specialized, advanced programs in the school predominantly white &/or privileged?

Schools that Reflect the Demographics of the District/City/Town – These are schools that serve relatively similar demographic percentages of students to the numbers served by the district, city or town.  In purely population-numerical terms, this is the larger goal.  However, this can be problematic when, for example, a district serves a tiny percentage of people identifying as XYZ and those students might be the ‘only ones’ on the campus.

White &/or Privileged – We use this description to include white folks and those who identify as privileged.