Choosing to send your kid to an integrating school can be difficult. Maybe you’re the only one in your circle talking about this. Maybe you have questions that aren’t easily Google-able. Maybe you’re struggling to reconcile how to live your values in the midst of our prescriptive narratives around parenting, childhood, ‘bad’ schools, race/class, etc. Maybe you’ve decided to enroll and want to talk about how to show up responsibly. Maybe this all just feels really heavy.

We get it. We’ve been there. Let’s talk.

Integrated Schools’ Parent-to-Parent Program connects families who have enrolled their children in integrating schools with families considering this choice. Developing a one-on-one relationship with someone who has ‘been there’ and who is willing to share their experiences can make all the difference as you talk through your decisions. 

Want to talk with a Parent who has ‘Been There’!

If you ….

… Are a parent who is thinking about sending your kid(s) to an integrating school

… Are interested in reflecting on the implicit assumptions, judgements and myths that factor in to these choices

… Are sending your kid(s) to an integrating school but would like to connect with a parent who has been ‘in it’ a little longer

… Would like to talk with a parent who has been sending his/her kids to an integrating school


Register below!  We will match you with a Parent who has ‘been there’ and who will reach out shortly! The two of you can arrange how (text/email/phone call) and how frequently you connect.  Some of these relationships have lasted years and developed into real cross-country friendships and some of these relationships have served an important short-term need.

Want to talk with a parent thinking about this choice?

If you ….

… Are a parent whose kid(s) have been in an integrating school for at least a year and are willing to share your experiences (joys, struggles & lessons learned)

… Can empathize with parents in the midst of this decision and can gently explore the assumptions that factor into parent choices.  

… Are not sure if you have all the answers (none of us do!) or if you have done this ‘perfectly’ (none of us have!).

… Share the belief that the work of turning the tide on school segregation happens one parent at a time


Register below!  We will reach out shortly to schedule a phone conversation to share more details.