families CHOOSING integration

Parent-to-Parent Program

Choosing to send your kid to an integrating school can be difficult. Maybe you’re the only one in your circle talking about this. Maybe you have questions that aren’t easily Google-able. Maybe you’re struggling to reconcile how to live your values in the midst of our prescriptive narratives around parenting, childhood, ‘bad’ schools, race/class, etc. Maybe you’ve decided to enroll and want to talk about how to show up responsibly. Maybe this all just feels really heavy.

We get it. We’ve been there. Let’s talk.

Integrated Schools’ Parent-to-Parent Program connects families who have enrolled their children in integrating schools with families considering this choice. Developing a one-on-one relationship with someone who has ‘been there’ and who’s willing to share their experiences can make all the difference as you talk through your decisions.  

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I started talking with X, an Integrated Schools parent, after I became more aware of school segregation across the country and in my kids’ school district. X was the exact person I needed in my life and I didn’t even know it! As I continued my self-guided education – mainly reading NH-J and going on school tours, I’d check in with X periodically to process my experiences, thoughts and feelings. X was extremely open and nonjudgmental as I revealed my concerns about transitioning my kids to an integrated school. She helped me see that this decision is HUGE in some ways, and no big deal in other ways. She also opened my eyes to [and blew my mind with] the notion that we all support or reject white supremacy with individual decisions we make in our small orbits.


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