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screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-12-22-21-pmIn a different world, Courtney would have become a cultural anthropology professor, enjoying her research with tribes of futuristic scientists and complaining about undergrads. Instead, when her kids were still using crayons for teething purposes, she was sucked in to the high-angst SchoolConversation. It was expected, in her then-barely-gentrifying Los Angeles neighborhood, that she either (a) drive 20 minutes each way to a charter school, (b) go into debt for private school, (c) backdoor her way into a “good” (whiter, more affluent) public school in another community, (d) homeschool, or (e) move. Nowhere on the option chart was to enroll at the local, high-poverty school.

Flash forward over a decade and Courtney’s kids are in that local middle school. Everyone struggled, nothing was perfect, mistakes were made, she thought about leaving thousands of times… and she would do it all over again. Her kids are doing well and through the decade of experience she fully embraced the fight for integration. She also loves liminal spaces, cement work, irreverence, and being checked on her white privilege.

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