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Book Club 3: Integrating with Equity

Our last-before-summer-break Book Club Meeting is live!

This session’s topic: Integrating with Equity 

–or— Thoughtful Opting In –or—How Not to Gentrify a School.

Meeting times:  Sunday May 21st 6pmPT/9pmET and Tuesday May 23 9amPT/noonET

Maybe the title(s) of this session say enough?  This session will cover critical issues around equity and supporting *all* students when sending your kid to an integrated/ing school.  Hoping that this discussion will be of interest to those of you whose children will be starting in an integrated/ing school this autumn as well as those of us whose kids are already enrolled.  (And! One of our big Integrated Schools projects this summer will be to build a toolkit for parents on this issue; looking forward to the conversations that will help get this started!)

For this session we will be reading the following book and/or articles (some of us prefer not to purchase books and/or have trouble with local libraries these titles…  Feel free to read the articles instead [all free, all online])


Book: Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.59.48 AM

Posey-Maddox, Linn (2014) When Middle Class Parents Choose Urban Schools: Class, Race, and the Challenge of Equity in Public Education. University of Chicago Press.



Freidus, Alexandra (2016) “A Great School Benefits Us All”: Advantaged Parents and the Gentrification of an Urban Public School, Urban Education 1-28.  (emailed upon registration)

Posey, Linn (2012) Middle- and Upper-Middle-Class Parent Action for Urban Public Schools: Promise or Paradox?  (emailed upon registration)

Cucchiara, Maia Bloomfield & Erin McNamara Horvat (2009) Perils and Promises: Middle-Class Parental Involvement in Urban Schools, American Educational Research Journal; Dec 2009; 46, 4; ABI/INFORM Global pg. 974

Jean, Daniel (2016) Public School Integration is now Public School Gentrification, YoPhilly.


To see what we discussed for Session One, click HERE.  Session Two info is HERE

If you’re interested in starting an Integrated Schools Book Club in your community, email us and we can help (reading selections, facilitation questions, etc)

As always, please email with any questions or comments – we’d love to hear from you!

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