The Problem with Policy is that it’s Us: Happy Anniversary BrownvBoard

En masse, white parents have never committed to desegregating our schools, much less the messier and more radically hopeful work of integration. Even when we rally around ideas like diversity and equity, we allow “good” parenting to trump justice.  And in so doing, we have hijacked the public in our public schools.

Kirkland on Integration: Podcast Episode Transcribed

Many of you have asked and, because of the kindness of two parent volunteers (thank you Carrie and Kelly!!!), here is a transcription of our conversation with Dr. David Kirkland.  And if you haven’t yet listened, we strongly encourage you to check this…Read More

Operation Varsity Blues is Just Another Tiki Torch

There is nothing that brings our nation together like a wee bit of comeuppance. This week even Fox News and CNN stood on the same platform of moral outrage at the college admissions scandal that the FBI cheekily dubbed ’Operation Varsity Blues.’  Fifty…Read More

A few exciting things for the New Year!

It’s been a super-busy past few months for us…  As we are growing by leaps and bounds, we are working hard to put structures in place to keep things rolling.  One of the most exciting changes is that, after long last, on the first day of 2019, you’ll…Read More

You’ll be flooded..

You are probably flooded with #GivingTuesday requests — and for good reason!  Many worthwhile causes need our support. If Integrated Schools has been of value for you, please consider donating to our all-volunteer, grassroots efforts. Help us pay our…Read More