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As we close out 2020, we want to say how grateful we are for all the participation in this years book clubs. Book club was important to our founder, Courtney, and as we close out our first year without her, it gives us much hope that we had record participation in our...

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The Century Foundation Report on School Integration

Our friends at The Century Foundation published a new report last week, "Here Is What School Integration in America Looks Like Today" that is DEFINITELY worth a read. Many thanks to HALLEY POTTER AND MICHELLE BURRIS for their hard work on this. You can search by area...

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Nice White Parents in Nashville

This is a cross-posting from our friend, Peter Piazza, at the School Diversity Notebook. You can find the original post here. I’ve had a lot of conversations recently about Nice White Parents. And, understandably so- it’s a remarkably engaging story about something...

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Erika Wilson on Monopolizing Whiteness

This post was written by Peter Piazza over at the School Diversity Notebook. You can find the original post here. What if the equal protection clause wasn’t the primary basis for school integration lawsuits? This week’s guest author – Erika Wilson, a Law Professor at...

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Nothing About Us – Epic Theater Ensemble

Please Join us on Monday, Nov 9th as we cohost an AMAZING virtual event, in partnership with National Coalition on School Diversity, Public School Forum of North Carolina, and Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc. (METCO).  Nothing About Us is a free...

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