Parenting, Childhood, Discomfort.

Received this from an IntSchls mama and wanted to share…  Thinking about how we conceptualize ‘childhood’ and our role as ‘Good Parents’ is definitely part of this work of integration.  Her comments made me think of a book I read many moons ago (Fure…Read More

Join us for Tuesday Online Happy Hours!

A bunch of parents have been asking for a place to talk… a place to connect with others who have enrolled or are thinking about enrolling their kids in integrating schools.   You asked, we love it, it’s happening. We are excited to announce that we w…Read More

Gardendale is Charlottesville without the Torches (or is it worse?!)?

Two in-depth articles came out on Wednesday (9/6/17) covering the story of Gardendale, which we’ve been reading about for a while now. This (overwhelmingly white) suburb of Birmingham, Alabama has been lobbying for years to secede from the Jefferson Co…Read More

We need your help for Houston!

*****Call to Action!***** If you have 5 minutes today, please join us in an email & twitter campaign to urge Houston Schools to leverage the horrors of Hurricane Harvey into a space to build equity and meaningful integration.  Below you’ll find a l…Read More

Preach, Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Before anything gets said about school integration, we are sending all the love and support to Texas right now, and especially our IntSchls parents in Houston… Sometimes listening Nikole Hannah-Jones is kind of like going to church for me. Sometimes I…Read More