3.5%, Gratitude, & Shape-Shifting Reptiles

Erica Chenoweth (Harvard University: Ted Talk) found that ensuring political change takes only about 3.5% of the population to be actively engaged. She argues that the “visibility of civil resistance actions attracts more active and diverse participati…Read More

Reflections on the LA Teacher Strike — and the Podcast is Back!

I woke the kids up early on the first day of the  Los Angeles teacher strike.  They weren’t thrilled about the dark morning rain march I was forcing them to take.  Grumbling, they grabbed whatever passes as rain gear in Los Angeles, and trudged along. …Read More


Four years ago I started a little blog… I knew that there were families out there who cared about what I cared about and who struggled with the same things I was.  I had secret hopes that this could ‘be something’ but just knew I needed to write abou…Read More

Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve been thinking a lot today about what it means to be a mother…  and, in particular, what our narrow pop-culture narratives tell us being a Good Mother looks like. Believing in our children, ushering them forth with the tools to be courageous and…Read More

The Little Rock Nine… 60 Years Later

You’ve probably been seeing a lot about the Little Rock Nine this week as we are honoring the courage of the nine ‘integrating’ students in 1957 and use this anniversary to reflect on the past sixty years. And, no surprise to any of you, the bottom lin…Read More