Anna Lodder

Anna Lodder is celebrating her inaugural year as a Principal Activist with Integrated Schools. (She has no idea what her title is or what she is doing). A self proclaimed student of empathy-based education, Anna brings with her passion and enthusiasm for educating children to be resilient, open-minded problem-solvers (She really wants this generation of kids to not be turds like their parents, but, again, no experience). Born in England and raised in California, she has a colorful background in many different areas (because then you may think she has an English accent. She doesn’t, but she would like you to think she might). Following her completion of a degree from USC in public policy, management and planning, she spent time working for a family services non profit through AmeriCorps VISTA before starting her own family in 2012 (Because nothing makes a private school education more valuable than dropping out of the workforce to have children). She founded the Larchmont Village chapter of Integrated Schools and continues to strive for comprehensive, democratic, progressive education for all children, together (We are a just starting out. Expectations are low). 2 kids later, Anna is passionate about education, equality, and a good breakfast burrito. (This is actually a true statement) She can usually be found deep in a passionate conversation with someone whom she secretly worries knows she has no idea what she is talking about. (Also true).

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