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Hello. Welcome to the Movement. My name is Anna and I am a White mom from Los Angeles -more specifically the stolen land of the Tongva Tribe. I am one of the members of the Integrated Schools Parent Board. We have had an astonishing number of new visitors, followers,...

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From Brown II to Today: A Discussion with the NAACP LDF

On May 21, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund hosted a web event with (newly) Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah Jones and LDF President Sherrilyn Ifill. The discussion focused on Brown II, which is the less well known but equally...

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On COVID & Integration

This week, both Nikole Hannah-Jones (interviewed by Dometi Pongo for MTV News) and Ibram X Kendi (in his essay for The Atlantic) expressed how, one more time, communities of color are suffering disproportionally from this pandemic in the most acute and violent ways....

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