Austin, TX, USA

Ali Takata

My name is Ali Takata. I live in Austin, TX with my husband and two daughters. After three years in our segregated, privileged, neighborhood public school, I started to educate myself about school segregation. As a result, I simply could not continue to uphold our racist education system with my choices and I decided transfer them to another school. Their present elementary school is 82% black and brown, and 89% econ disadvantaged. It's not a perfect choice, but our decision feels like a tiny step towards dismantling one of our many racist structures.

The Two Tour Pledge: One Year Later

By Ali Takata It was about this time last year that I rediscovered Nikole Hannah-Jones. I was familiar with her articles, but this time was different. In November 2017, segregation simmered in the forefront of my mind because for two years my family an…Read More