What We Do

Integrated Schools is working to deepen, strengthen, and expand conversations around school integration with the goal of dismantling the barriers that keep parents from opting in.

Building Coalitions and Local Chapters

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Integrated Schools is building out and supporting groups of parents interested in integration in communities across the US. There are many parents deeply concerned about our increasingly segregated schools and it’s time we get connected, share best practices and resources, AND AMPLIFY OUR VOICES!

Are you:

  • a parent curious about integration?
  • a parent who has enrolled your kid in an integrated/integrating school?
  • talking with your friends and neighbors about integration or your “neighborhood school”?
  • organizing to change school/district/state policy?

Check our existing chapters to see if there are other active parents in your community — and by all means, reach out!

If your community is not represented, consider starting a chapter! While some local Integrated Schools groups are incredibly organized and active, others are very informal and loose clusters of parents talking and sharing. We can help support any efforts you would like to take in your community: simple publicizing of your desire to have the conversations, sample agenda meetings, flyers, discussion topics, and organizing strategies, etc.. Some groups are even web-conferencing one of our Integrated Schools organizers into living rooms to facilitate meetings.

You don’t have to be a tried-and-tested community organizer, you don’t have to have your children enrolled in an integrated/ing school or even be fully committed to sending your child to an integrated/ing school. You just need to want to talk about it.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us at [email protected].

Sharing Resources & Stories

Recommended resources

Our podcast

Articles, podcasts, stories, latest news, research, all of it. We’ve got research links and curated annotated bibliographies, stories from the trenches, hopefully-helpful FAQs, situational best-practices (okay, well, practices-that-have-worked-before – we can’t guarantee always ‘best’).

Have something to contribute? Please share! Personal stories, questions, your community news, struggles, share it!

Integrated Schools parents are committed to integration with equity and are compiling a set of resources for parents opting in to integrated/ing schools. We are working on a toolkit for those of us in the early stages of thinking through these issues. Whether you are interested in organizing in your community or simply stepping into this issue as an individual parent, we are hoping to provide some tools to help.

One way to think through issues, connect, and actually read that book that has been sitting on your nightstand for five months is through online (and free) book club sessions. Join us or adapt/adopt our materials to host a book club in your community.

The Two Tour Pledge

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Our Two Tour Pledge campaign (which we highlight each autumn/winter, during school tour season) asks parents to simply set foot into two schools that serve a majority of children from racial/linguistic/socioeconomic backgrounds that differ from their own.

Too often, we make judgements about a school without having walked through its doors. And often, we might be pleasantly surprised at what we find. Though this is only one piece of dismantling the “good/bad” schools narrative, investing a small amount of time and meeting the people who make a school, can make a big difference.

Always More …

The above list represents the things we do *NOW*, but we are always growing and expanding. Share your ideas for growing this movement!